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Natura SOU Express Secos Ressecados / Express Mask Dried And Restied - 200ml

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MÁSCARA EXPRESS SECOS E RESSECADOS SOU - 200ML / Express Mask Dried and Restied Sou - 200ml

We want to cause impact hair, with less impact on the world.

I'm born like this: straight chat, straight to the heart of those who believe you can do a lot with little. You raise your flags. And we get up together. Take care of yourself, with the consciousness of who, at the same time, take care of the planet. The line is changed, but our formulas remain light and delicious to use. I am for me. For you. I am all of us. I am wanting to see you causing impact, with less impact on the world. The dry & dry express mask I am provides more nutrition and strength for the wires. Treats in a minute. A record! Test and prove.


• No tests on animals: much love of animals. We do not compact testing in animals <3;

• 100% vegan product: animals are in nature, not in our ingredients;

• Safe ingredients: Only what you need. Free of dyes, petrolates and parabens;

• Eco-logical packaging: 70% less plastic and the planet thanks. You're welcome;

• From people to us: here everything is done in the greatest love. I am all of us;

• Packing Pro Rolê: Practical packaging to accompany you on all Trips and Roles.

Content: 200ml.