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Malbec Flame Deodorant Cologne 100ml - o Boticario

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You are attractive to others when you feel confident. Light your power of attraction with Malbec Flame.

Of the Launched Olfativa Family Chypre, Malbec Flame is an invitation to self-confidence, provoking the man to live the power of attraction for his true essence.

The male fragrance is impacting and sophisticated, and has the exclusive touch of the wine blend of the Nerello grapes, which are born on the slopes of the Italian volcano Etna.

Secretinho de Malbec Flame:

Malbec Flame believes that true force is in self-confidence. Therefore, it combined the patchouli and the woody and terrible intensity of vetiver, with Blend made with the Nerello grapes, cultivated at the feet of the Italian volcano Etna.

The entire line of Malbec Flame is vegan and not tested on animals.

Extensions of Malbec Flame:

- Body moisturizing deodorant lotion

- Deodorant Body Spray

- Refill Deodorant Body Spray

Olfativa Family: Launched Chypre

Malbec is the leading brand of sales in fragrances in Brazil *.

* Euromonitor International Limited; Passport beauty and personal care, edition 2020, Malbec by local name of the brand; Total sales in retail; Data from 2019.