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Malbec Deodorant Cologne 100ml - o Boticario

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Malbec is a male fragrance of the family of the woody. It is unique and developed through an exclusive manufacturing process in the world. This best seller was the first of the Malbec line, bringing the wines world inspiration to the male perfumery. The wine alcohol, obtained through the grape fermentation, is aged in French oak barrels, equal to those in which rest the best wines of the world.Fit fresh and woody notes based on plum, oak and vanilla, malbec deodorante colony represents the masculinity in a unique way. It suits men who know whether to impose. Which are noticed where they pass. Who have the essence of conquest in everything they do. Hot woody notes combine to fruit freshness to spike nuances, giving rise to an unforgettable, drier and less sugary male fragrance, trademark of Malbec. The Colony deodorant combines with any occasion. To highlight this desired fragrance, use the other products of the Malbec line: moisturizing foam to razor malbec, Body Spray Malbec deodorant, antiperspirant deodorant aerosol malbec and deodorant roll-on malbec. Malbec is the leading brand of sales in fragrances in Brazil *. * Euromonitor International Limited; Passport beauty and personal care, edition 2020, Malbec by local name of the brand; Total sales in retail; Data from 2019.Nhum a product of the Boticário Group is tested in animals.Family olfactory: woody woody