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Malbec Absolute Deodorant Cologne 100ml - o Boticario

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Malbec, icon of power and masculinity, takes up his trajectory to further improve this sensually refined, mysterious and striking essence. Boticário returns to Mendoza and begins a sensory journey to discover the secrets in two consecrated arts: perfumery and the penology. The unforgettable fragrance of absolute malbec translates the essence of masculinity into a rare compound that combines the olfactory wealth of the wine alcohol, With vigorous doses of noble woods, marked notes of leather and chords that exude fruity freshness, revealing a unique and durable aroma that represents with perfection the nature of man. The search for perfection makes absolute malbec an icon of the male perfumery. It is an absolutely unforgettable fragrance, intense, which translates virility with sophistication. Most rich in detail, reveals all its minutely planned wealth. Your applicator has on / off system that easily locks and unlocks the valve with a simple movement and is also ornate with intense brown tones, golden details and matte metal that translates the luxury of its unique design that differentiates this male fragrance from all products from all Line.Malbec is the leading brand of sales in fragrances in Brazil *. * Euromonitor International Limited; Passport beauty and personal care, edition 2020, Malbec by local name of the brand; Total sales in retail; Data from 2019.Nhum product of the Boticário Group is tested in animals.Family olfactory: Woody Leather