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Make B. Tropical Baroque Deodorant Cologne 70ml - o Boticario

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Make B. Tropical Baroque is a feminine fragrance inspired by the richness of details of the Brazilian Baroque with the intensity and energy of the woman. Baroque is an artistic movement that became known in the late seventeenth century and involves new forms of culture, music, literature and paintings. This movement is rich in detail and exaggeration. This feminine fragrance is sweet and sugary in the right measure. Contrasts the sophistication of the chypre with the fruity notes. His peach nectar notes, floral pink bouquet and vanilla mix and balance the sensuality, refreshment and delicacy of this fragrance, for safe and engaging women. Your packaging is inspired by the lush female curves and can be a beautiful gift for you or someone special. No botican group product is tested on animals. Olfativa Family: Frutal Chypre