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Abelha Rainha Lotion Cleaning facial + peeling clear skin bee queen

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Kit bleaching facial + peeling crystal clear skin bee queen
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Facial Lotion Clear Skin Bee Queen

Purpose: Elaborated with substances that promote the progressive bleaching of the spots on the spot where the product is applied, improving the appearance of the darkened areas and preventing the appearance of new ones. Non-oily product.

Composition: parfum, cinnamyl alcohol, citral, citronellol, coumarun, eugenol, g-methyl ionone, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, hydroxymethylpentylcy clohexene carboxaldehyde, limonene, linaloll, alcohol, pehnoxythenol, methylparaben, ehtylparaben, buthylparaben, propylparaben, carnitine, glycol propylene, kojic Acid, EDT Dissodium, Glycolic Acid, Aqua.

Mode of use: At night, apply the product on small areas of the clean skin and massage gently. Use sunscreen (FPS-30) during the day. External and daily use.

Restrictions: Avoid direct contact with eyes. If accidentally occurs, rinse abundantly with water. Apply at night, only on small areas of the face you want to lighten. Do not apply in the outer corners of the nose and mouth, nor in irritated or injured skin. In case of irritation discontinue use. Do not use in children. Touch proof to know if you are allergic to the product. Touch proof: moisten a cotton with the product and rub it behind the ear, at the bottom of the forearm. Avoid sun exposure. Apply sunscreen in place if exposes to the sun. Wait 24 hours and observe the location if irritation arises, do not use the product.

Care: Keep out of the reach of children and in a cool and dry place. Keep the product closed. Keep the product preferably in a dark place as it can oxidize in the presence of light.

ATTENTION: After whitening of the areas where the product was applied, regularly use a sunscreen with a sunscreen factor of at least 30, twice a day, and (3119) clear skin clearing and renews the skin daily. Please follow the way of use. There is no expected whitening, seek orientation of a dermatologist. This product can not be used in conjunction with other whitening, including other bleachers of the same Clear skin.

Validity: Valid up to 1 year after the date of manufacture.
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Crystal Peeling Clear Bee Bee Queen

Purpose: Remove dead cells, uniformize and improve skin texture.

Active principles:

Alumina: Responsible for doing the exfoliation withdrawing the dead cells.
Glucan E-20: moisturizing and moistant that keeps the skin with a soft and silky touch.
Allantoin: It has antirred action, accelerates regeneration and improves skin moisture.

Composition: cetearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, peg 20 stearate, peg 100 stearate, glyceryl stearate, paraffinum liquidum, propylene glycol, allantoin, cyclopentsiloxane and dimethiconol, parfum, citronelool, phenoxythenol methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, propyparaben, methyl gluceth-20, polyquaternium -10, Aluminum, Lactic Acid, Aqua.

Mode of Use: Apply a layer on clean skin and promote gentle and circular massage for approximately 3 minutes. Remove the product with water. Use once a week. After using hydrating the skin and using sunscreen.

Restrictions: Do not use on irritated or wounded skin near the eyes and mouth. Suspend use if irritation arises and seek medical orientation.

Care: Keep packing out of the reach of children and in a cool, dry place.