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Lot/wholesale - Propolis Extract Green Rosemary 30ml - Natucentro

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The Propolis Extract Green Rosemary is manufactured through the maceration process of the Propolis Green Rosemary in Hydroalcoholic Solution. Is produced in the region of the Western Center of Minas Gerais, in the apiaries of the company Natucentro and collected in the hives by specialized beekeepers. It is known internationally as the Green Propolis, which has the main plant source of the plant Rosemary of the Field (Baccharis Dracunculifolia), or popular broom, possessing a green coloration and considered the best propolis in the world, being widely consumed in Japan in the form of extract, with water, juice, milk, tea, coffee or other food.

The Green Propolis is widely studied by researchers in Brazil and abroad and has several articles published internationally on the effectiveness of its daily use. In addition to the main components of propolis, the Propolis Green of Alecrim has a great concentration of Artepillin-C that through worldwide published research can help in our immune system.

Ingredients: Green propolis soluble in alcohol of food grade.

Suggested consumption: Ingest up to 30 drops per day, diluted in half a glass with water, juice, milk, tea, coffee or other food of your choice.