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Lot/wholesale - GreenRed Extract of Propolis 30ml - Natucentro

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GreenRed Propolis Extract is manufactured by blending Propolis Green Alecrim with Propolis Red, which are macerated in hydroalcoholic solution giving the product.

We put together the best of the active principles of these two Propolis.

Of the Green Propolis of the Rosemary (Baccharis dracunculifolia) we have Artepillin-C with its characteristics that improve our immune system.

And of the Red Propolis of the Rabbit of Bugio (Dalbergia Ecastophyllum) we have the Isoflavone with characteristics that possess numerous benefits to the organism of the woman.

Propolis Red is produced by bees through the resin of a native plant to the mangroves of northeastern Brazil, the popular Rabbit of Bugio (Dalbergia Ecastophyllum).

Propolis Green Alecrim is produced by bees in the Central West region of Minas Gerais, from the plant Rosemary of the Field (Baccharis dracunculifolia).

Ingredients: Green Propolis of Rosemary and Propolis Red soluble in alcohol of food grade.