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Lot of 8x30ml Acai Flavor Bee Pollen Alcoholic Propolis Extract 30ml - Pon Lee

by Pon Lee
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This Propolis Extract with Pollen and Acai is made from Alcohol, and its minimum values.

Knowing the benefits of these three foods, Sunyata Pon Lee created the super formula that unites antioxidant-rich Green Propolis with pollen rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and Acai rich in anthocyanins, vitamin C and omega-9.

Pon Lee uses only 100% Export Quality Green Propolis as raw material.
Bee Pollen Selected Export type and multifloral. Propolis Maturation is done approximately 1 year, with this process occurs the maximum absorption of the substances. High concentration of Propolis in Maceration, being 43%, the maximum possible in natural methods. Semi-handcrafted, without the use of machinery to speed up the manufacturing process. 
Attention: Progressive discounts according to quantity.

Ingredients: Neutral Alcohol and Green Propolis Export Type, Bee Pollen Export Type and Dehydrated Acai Pulp Export Type.

-08 Pon Lee Sunyata Açai Pollen Bee Alcoholic Propolis Extract 30ml