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Lot of 8x30ml Original Brazilian Bee Organic Propolis Extract - MN Propolis

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Organic Propolis Extract MN Propolis is the result of the extraction of organic propolis in organic cereal alcohol. Organic propolis is produced by bees in native forest, far from any human, urban interference, crops or contact with chemicals. It is the guarantee of an even purer extract, 100% natural and with the reliability of organic certification in the Brazilian market (BR), European common market (CE) and North American market (USDA), being audited by the IBD (Biodynamic Institute)..

Suggested consumption:

- Adult: start by taking 5 drops a day and gradually increasing to approximately 25 to 30 drops a day.
- Children (over 1 year to 12 years): start with 3 drops and gradually increase approximately 15 drops per day.

The extract can be given by dripping the drops into a disposable coffee cup along with tea, juice, milk, fermented milk.

-08 MN Propolis Organic Bee Propolis Extract 30ml