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Lot of 6 Hair Removal Depilation Waxig Pearl Hot Wax Black Mud Depimiel 1Kg

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Depimiel Lama Negra Hot Wax is indicated for resistant and coarse hair, it does not contain paraffin, it has natural components that provides a smooth hair removal. Depimiel Lama Negra Hot Wax is ideal for sensitive and highly elastic regions.

Tip: After epilation, use a post-depilatory lotion to completely remove wax residues and nourish the skin.

- Easy to use;
- Extract the hair from the root;
- Does not contain paraffin;
- Progressively reduces hair growth.

How to Use:
- Heat this product with a necessary amount of pearls, heat in a suitable environment.
- Let it write and stir the wax until it is creamy and homogeneous.
- With a spatula, apply a layer of wax towards the hair growth.
- Let it dry for a few seconds.
- Pull the wax firmly and quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.
- Use a remover to remove possible wax residues from the skin and finish with a post-depilatory lotion.

**The eax must be liquid before depilation, before using test your skin because the wax cannot be very hot.

-06 Depimiel Lama Negra Hair Removal Wax 1Kg