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Lot of 6 Brazilian Original Pingo D'ouro Wheat Snack Elma Chips Bacon Flavor 120g

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Pingo D'ouro Elma Chips is made from wheat. A tasty snack that can be eaten anywhere and anytime. The bacon flavor gives the special touch to your meal with Pingo D'ouro.

Ingredients: Corn flour, vegetable fat, salt, bacon-flavored condiment (salt, lactose, whey, coconut oil, hydrogenated fat, bacon paste, monosodium glutamate flavor enhancer, antiumectant, silicon dioxide, natural smoke aroma and flavorings), powdered glucose, colorific (cornmeal, soy oil and natural annatto dye), whey, baking soda and monocalcium phosphate.

-06 Elma Chips Pingo D'ouro Bacon Wheat Snack 120g