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Lot of 3 Original Yerba Erva Mate Chimarrao Tea Uruguayan Herbs 500g - Baldo

by Baldo
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The result of the union of the Uruguayan and Brazilian habit and has the ideal balance between the freshness of the green herbs and the intensity of the Uruguayan herbs.

COMPOSITION: Yerba mate leaves only, with no chemical or artificial components added. No sugar and no preservatives.

Yerba mate trees grow amid native forest in the states of Santa Catarina, Paraná, and Rio Grande do Sul, on the lands of small Baldo partner producers. The whole process is following up, ensuring superior quality from seedling to harvest.

After harvesting, the leaves undergo a process of dehydration and grinding. Yerba mate Baldo still undergoes a minimum rest period of 8 months in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. This process makes our herb more intense, full-bodied and golden in color.

Because it is pure and rested, the flavor is intense and long lasting, generating a differentiated yield from other herbs.

-3 Baldo Yerba Mate 500g