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Lot of 24x30ml Brazilian Bee Gold Organic Propolis Extract - MN Propolis

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Produced from the maceration of green Propolis and macerated in cereals for a period of 2 years, the Propolis Extract Gold is a product with high concentration of flavonoids which acts as powerful antioxidants avoiding the free radicals actions. It contains Artepillin-C level higher than 30 mg / ml.

Green Propolis and Organic Cereal Alcohol. GLUTEN FREE.

Concentration: higher than 48% Brix
Dry Extract: higher than 25% m / v
Flavonoids: higher than 16 mg / ml
It contains Artepillin-C level higher than 30 mg / ml

Amber Bottle / Dropper - 30ml

Adult: Start taking 5 drops a day and increase gradually until 1 ml (approximately 40 drops a day)
Children: (Up to 1 year to 7 years old): Start taking 3 drops and increasing gradually until 0.5 ml (approximately 20 drops a day)
The Extract can be taken with beverages like coffee, teas, juices and milk

-24 MN Propolis Bee Green Extract 30ml