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Lot of 24 Roll On Waxing Smooth Depilatory Thin Hair Removal Wax 100g Depimiel

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100% disposable wax, hygienic, practical, fast and economical process. Extremely fine texture, 25% higher yield and efficient hair removal. A wax for each type of hair allows you to shave in the best way without damaging the skin.

Smooth: Indicated for fine hair, has less adherence.

How to use:
01 - Heat the roll-on in the DEPIMIEL heater for 25 to 30 minutes.
02 - Clean the skin with DEPIMIEL Pre-Depilatory Lotion.
03 - Unlock the roll-on by passing it over a DEPIMIEL waxing tissue sheet until it slides easily.
04 - Apply the wax on the skin in the direction of hair growth.
05 - Place the waxing tissue over the wax and rub it.
06 - With one hand keep the skin taut and with the other pull the handkerchief firmly and quickly in the opposite direction to the hair growth. (Always pull the leaf in parallel and as close to the skin as possible).
07 - Use DEPIMIEL Hydrating Remover Oil to remove possible wax residues and DEPIMIEL Post-Depilatory Lotion or Gel to attenuate skin sensitivity.

-24 Depimiel Smooth Roll On Hair Removal Wax 100g