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Lot of 10 Brazilian Chickpea Honey & Mustard Appetizer 350g Brasil Frutt

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Chickpeas are a legume rich in proteins, rich in fibers, which contribute a lot to the maintenance of our health. Legume rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid for the production of serotonin - a substance that brings pleasant sensations, such as happiness and well-being. And that is just one of its attributes. In nutritional terms, it is a unique product, since chickpeas are the food source with the highest magnesium (Mg) content, a mineral essential for calcium (Ca) metabolism. Adding to the high content of folic acid and proteins, and the absence of gluten, it qualifies as a food of first order for the general population.

-10 Brasil Frutt Chickpea Honey & Mustard 350g