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Natura NATURÉ Loção Lero-lero / Moisturizing Lotion Lero-lero - 125 Ml

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LOÇÃO HIDRATANTE LERO-LERO - 125 ML / Moisturizing lotion Lero-lero - 125 ml

To refresh and moisturize with a fun and cheerful fragrance.

Imagine that Lero-Lero is a conversation of your hand with your body. The chat starts on the feet, climbs through the legs until he reached his shoulder. In every corner you pass the Lero-Lero lotion with all care. Where your hand does not reach, ask for help for Mom.


• Refreshment and hydration for up to 24 hours;

• Fun, cheerful and colorful fragrance, with pear smell;

• Shape drops on the skin;

• Cartridge with coloring designs;

• Dermatologically tested;

• Vegan product.

Content: 125 ml