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Lily Eau De Parfum 75ml - o Boticario

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Lily believes that a delicate and sensitive woman can also be strong and empowered. With this inspiration in its essence, it brings a feminine fragrance that adds the delicacy of unique floral facets with the striking strength of the woods, which make it sophisticated and a rich olfactory experience. The fragrance has high fixation *, with a striking signature which has the strength of the exclusive essential oil of the lily flower, obtained through the infleurage, rare and handmade extraction technique. An Eau de Parfum to exalt women who combine delicacy and intensity. The exclusive vial was designed and produced in France, cradle of world female perfumery. Discover other Lily products, such as moisturizing body deodorant moisturizing cream, body deodorant moisturizer, liquid hand soap, hand moisturizing cream for hands, antiperspirant deodorant aerosol, body scented oil and scented soap. No botican group product is tested on animals. * To 90% of respondents. Source: Sniff Test held in São Paulo, in July 2019 by the research institute Perception 87 Women of Fragrance Users Olfativa: Floral Bouquet