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Natura TODODIA Lenço Umedecido Suave Conforto / Soft Soft Scarf Comfort - Packing With 16 Units

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LENÇO UMEDECIDO SUAVE CONFORTO TODODIA - EMBALAGEM COM 16 UNIDADES / Soft Soft Scarf Comfort Tododia - Packing with 16 units

Intimate hygiene with care and delicacy

Now hygeness: same formulas and fragrances for your intimate hygiene. Delicacy in intimate care for smooth cleaning, with prolonged protection and hydration, light fragrances and dermatological and gynecologically tested formulas.


• Clean smoothly.

• Neutralizes the odor.

• Balanced pH.

• Dermatological and gynecologically tested.

Content: Packing with 16 units.