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Natura EKOS Kit Frescor Castanha / Refile Kit Freshness Chestnut Deodorant Cologne

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KIT REFIL EKOS FRESCOR CASTANHA DESODORANTE COLÔNIA / Refile Kit Ekos Freshness Chestnut Deodorant Cologne

A fragrance with natural ingredient of Amazonian biodiversity extracted from chestnut, native tree fruit of the Amazon.

Chestnut notes combined to fresh touch of citrus notes. Enriched with 100% natural chestnut aromatic extract. When choosing a product of the Ekos Chestnut line, you strengthen 689 forest guardian families, by the regeneration of the Amazon.


• The refill version of your favorite product has less plastic in the packaging. Good for you. Great for the planet.

Content: 2 Units of 150 ml each.