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Christmas Gift Kit Lily (2 Items) - o Boticario

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This Christmas, impress who you love with a super elegant surprise, the Christmas gift kit Lily brings 2 items from one of the most sophisticated lines of O Boticário. Just take a look: Eau de Parfum Lilyo Lily Eau de Parfum brings the purest fragrance of lilies for the day to day of romantic women and who appreciate what is good in life. Their remarkable chords revive the exclusivity of artisanal and translate the luxury of intensely satisfying the emotions with the sophisticated Bouquet floral fragrance. Lilyo Cream Lily Lily Cream Moisturizing Cream Body Deodorant has a unique texture that protects your skin with a protective film, which in addition to promoting intense hydration, also helps prevent skin drying from the sun and cold and dry climate. The product also has deodorant action. Lily moisturizing cream has in its karité butter composition, which is recognized for its natural emollient properties, which are of rapid absorption and promote intense hydration. This is the perfect Christmas present to give girlfriends, the mother or a friend! Besides all this, you do not need to wrap for this. The present packaging is colorful, has affection messages on the outside and also in the inside, and accompanies a satin ribbon with wishes that can be used as an amulet. Who will not love receiving this mime, is not it? This is the perfect Christmas present to impress your girlfriend, the mother or a friend! This Christmas, present with Apothecary! No product O Boticário is tested on animals. Updated ingredients on the date of this publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the more current information is that of the product label. The Christmas Gift Kit Lily contains: 01 Lily Eau de Parfum Valve 75ml01 Lily Cream Moisturizer Body 250g