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Kit Potion Of Adventure Dr Botica: Dr. Botica Potion Of Adventure Cologne 120ml + Bar Soap Charming Bath 80g

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Moments of child care ask for a little more adventure, thinking about it, O Boticario along with Dr. Botica brought 2 products to small adventurers who love to discover new mysteries with jokes that bring a little close to nature.


The Cologne Power of the adventure is from the Olfactory Fougère aromatic family, the same iconic fragrance of the hair line, inspired by the green apple Dr. Botica 1982.


The charming bath bar soap carries the same fragrance of the water in the colony and will guarantee the most fun bath moments, as well as leaving the skin clean and protected the way we like.

Did you think the joke ends up there? Children's Day gift kit has fun packaging that comes with joking instructions that are an invitation to connect with nature!

The products of the Dr. Botica were developed for children from 03 years of age. And it's the perfect option for the children's day gift! The little ones will love.

No botican product is tested on animals.

Updated ingredients on the date of this publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the more current information is that of the product label.


Children's Day Kit Dr. Botica Contains:

01 Dr. Botica Potion of Adventure Cologne 120ml

01 BATH BATA SOBE Dr. Dr. Botica 80g