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Natura TODODIA Kit Mãos Pés Cereja Avelã / Kit Hands And Feet Cherry And Hazelnuts

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KIT MÃOS E PÉS TODODIA CEREJA E AVELÃ / Kit hands and feet tododia cherry and hazelnuts

Deep nutrition with dry touch for hands and feet.

Feel the protection of nutritious deodorant creams of tododia. A combination of natural and prebiotic ingredients on a creamy texture that nourishes deeply, reducing the drying of the skin and feet skin.


• Deep and immediate nutrition: feet and moisturized hands, well maintained and healthy;

• Prevents and cares: treats skin and dry reduces cuticles;

• Custom nutrition: stimulates the replacement of the nutrients of your skin;

• Soft feet and hands and sequins: creamy texture that absorbs quickly;

• 90% of natural ingredients: greater affinity with your skin.

Content: 1 Nutritious Cream for Hands, 50 ml + 1 Nutritious Cream for Feet, 50 ml.