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Natura ESSENCIAL Kit Supreme Feminino / Female Supreme Essential Kit

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KIT ESSENCIAL SUPREME FEMININO / Female supreme essential kit

The Meeting of the most noble raw materials in the world with the sensuality of the Amazonian cinnamon. Exalt all its intensity.

Discover the perfect combination between the flower of Ylang, intense and feminine, with the sensuality and heat of iShpink, the Amazonian cinnamon. The combo also has a moisturizer and a refill - explosion of fragrance and hydration for up to 48h.


• Deo parfum: intense floral. Striking fragrance, high fixation.

• Body moisturizing deodorant: a unique formula that has high fragrance explosion and hydrates intensely for up to 48 hours, leaving soft skin with velvety and naturally illuminated touch. Perfect to be combined with SUPREME essential Parfum parfum.

• Refill: The refill version of your favorite product has less plastic in the packaging. Good for you. Great for the planet.

Content: 1 essential supreme deo parfum female, 100 ml + 1 body moisturizing deodorant, 200 g + 1 refill, 200 g.