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Abelha Rainha Kit Dermopés Cream Cream 230g + Restaurant230g + Miracle Feet 30ml.

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Treatment for cracked feet and with asperezas.

Combo Kit: You are buying 3 pieces:
- 1 large 230g moisturizing pot. Code 2077 - Hydrates and Tuning - Pink
- 1 large 230g moisturizing pot. Code 2089 - Hydrate and Restore - Blue
- 1 BisNaga Lotion Miracle of the feet 30ml Code 2288 - Hydrates and tuning - Top - among the best sellers.

It's, Tuning Feet, Cracked Foot, Rocked Foot, Feet Pain, Fillet, Rone Feet, Cracking, Cracks Pain, Hydrated Feet, Foot, Crack, Roced Foot Miracle - Bee Queen!
Eliminates dryness of the feet.
Removes the thick layer from the feet, leaving the skin thin and soft.

Brand: Bee Queen
Line: Dermopés - Biopele - Fighting crack in feet - treats feet with asperezas
Model: Kit Combat Cracks
Name: Dermopés moisturizes and restores
Consistency: Cream
Product Functions: Restores PES - Removes Dead Cells - Tuning - Take Thick Aspeases - Help Combat PES Cracked
Is a hypoallergenic product: yes
Units per package: 3 pieces
Quantity: 3 pieces
Type of unit: un