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Original Iron Studios Presto Art Scale 1/10 Bds Dungeons & Dragons Collection

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A 14-year-old Albert, better known as Presto, is the Wizard. Presto fulfills a role of the well-meaning, diligent, but hopeless magician. He suffers from low self-confidence and nervousness, which manifests in the use of his magical hat. He is able to pull an endless succession of various tools from it, but often these will be, or appear to be of little use.

There are also numerous instances when the whole group is in danger, whereupon Presto will draw from his hat precisely what is needed in order to save all of his friends. Although, like all the kids, Presto yearns to return home, in "The Last illusion", Presto finds his soulmate in Varla—a girl with the ability to create powerful illusions—and makes friends with the Fairie Dragon Amber "Cave of the Fairie Dragons".

  - Limited edition
  - Produced based on original movie references
  - Made of Polystone
  - Manual painting
  - Includes potions to be placed around the base.
  - Includes dock that can be connected to other members of the BDS Art Scale “Dungeons & Dragons” series 1/10

Dimensions: 18 x 15,5 x 9,5 cm

-01 Iron Studios Presto Art Scale 1/10Figure Action Miniature Dungeons & Dragons