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Hidramais Hydranal thermal fluid with methyl nicotinate - 500ml

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Hydramais nicotinate of methyl
Thermal fluid for aesthetic treatment. Hydramais thermal fluid methyl nicotination attenuates cellulite, remodeling the body, improves circulation and assists in reducing measurements.

Hydramais thermal thermal fluid of methyl combines plant extracts that potentiate the effects of bodily treatments and massage, promote the region's hyperset and increase blood circulation, accelerating the metabolism of the treated area.

* The fluid has action 10 times larger than cream due to the concentration of your assets.


Methyl nicotinate: promotes intense heating and redness in the applied region. It has the ability to increase asset permeation, activates blood circulation, oxygenating and deconging adipose tissue. It operates in reducing the retention of liquids, resulting in reducing measurements and cellulite.

Ginger, Hera, Asian Centella, Horsetail and Chestnut of India: They have antilipemic, lipolytic properties, decongestant, revitalizing and fortifying.


It is important to take touch test before use of the product, since the product can cause redness, heating and skin irritation.

Use a spatula to remove the product from the packaging and use gloves for the application. Apply the product on the abdomen, buttocks, legs or arms (except for forearms) and wait absorption. It should flush on the skin, this signal to initiate the optional aesthetic procedures.


Redness, heating, hyperemia and pruritus (itching) are characteristic reactions. Never use close to mucous membranes. If any irritation appears, immediately suspend use. Do not use on injured or irritated skin. Do not use in pregnant women or lactating. It should not be used with thermal blanket or any source of heat. This product causes redness and heating on the skin. It is important to note that these symptoms can vary enough for each person depending on the structure of the skin. Touch proof and use of gloves are highly recommended during your manipulation.


Aesthetic treatment potentiated with measurement reduction result, localized fat and cellulite.