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Hydra Lotion - Beyoung

by Beyoung
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With light, refreshing and bloody texture, Hydra Lotion is ideal for deeply moisturizing the normal skins - those that do not exceed excessive and do not usually suffer dry or peeling.

Its formula guarantees a multilayer hydration for up to 72 hours, capable of maintaining and potentializing the concentration of water in the different layers of the skin, penetrating twice more deeply than common assets. Daily use promotes visible improvements and a more radiant, fluffy and vivid appearance.

Another novelty is the innovative mechanism that acts on the cutaneous microbiota, helping to maintain its balance and strengthening the natural skin defenses. In addition to possessing powerful antioxidants, preventing oxidative damage caused by pollution and solar radiation - evils that reserge the skin and cause early aging. Where to use? Face, lap and neck when using? Daily: morning and night. Finishing & quot; satinated.Textura? Lotion. Meet the multibefile because a benefit if you can have several? Simplify your routine and potentiate your well-being: Hydra Lotion is multifunctional.Hydration multilayerhydration for up to 72The antioxidanteluminosityMelhority The firmness of the microbiota The HyricoSpossui Technology High permeation index in the skin, enables penetration in the deeper layers and helps maintain support and hydration, reducing flaccidity, lines and signs of expression, filling wrinkles and maintaining lush and revitalized skin.Somerate Sacarídeo: powerful moisturizing agent that promotes instant and deep hydration in short and long term, improving the softness and bringing more Comfort for the skin. It repairs the natural protection barrier, strengthening and maintaining a deep hydration for up to 72 hours. Ceramids. It also helps in improving cutaneous resistance and contributes to increased hydration.