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Hydra gel - Beyoung

by Beyoung
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Ideal for oily skins, Hydra gel moisturizes while controlling excessive brightness and decreases the appearance of pores. Its ultralight gel texture ensures fast drying and matte finish while promoting immediate and deep multilayer hydration.
The formula technology also balances and maintains the appropriate levels of water on the skin, without gauge. Daily use visibly improves appearance by helping to reduce sagging, lines and signs of expression, filling wrinkles and leaving skin lush and revitalized.

Another novelty is the innovative mechanism that acts on the cutaneous microbiota, helping to maintain its balance and strengthening the natural skin defenses. In addition to possessing powerful antioxidants, preventing oxidative damage caused by pollution and solar radiation - evils that reserge the skin and cause early aging.

Where to use?
Face, lap and neck

When to use?
Daily: morning and night.

Type of skin?
Mixed and oily skins.


Gel. Meet the multibecificices
Why can one benefit if you can have several? Simplify your routine and potentiate your well-being: Hydra gel is multifunctional.

Controls the oiliness
Controls excessive brightness
Reduce pores
Antioxidant action
Microbiota balance
Multilayer hydration
Hyaluronic acid

It has a high permeation index in the skin, enables penetration in the deeper layers and helps maintain support and hydration, reducing sagging, lines and signs of expression, filling wrinkles and maintaining vivid and revitalized skin

Association of sodium salts. Magnesium, zinc and manganese

They operate as precursors of production of NMF elements (natural hydration factor) of the skin. This Assets Association guarantees the energization and maintenance of skin hydration.

Amino acids

Regulate and control oiliness, decrease excessive brightness and promote the refinement of skin texture