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Hydra Cream - Beyoung

by Beyoung
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The dried and resected skins deserve special care. That is why Hydra Cream has a reinforced, smooth and comforting texture that leaves the skin soft and velvety from the first use.
Its technology increases the water content in cells, generating multilayer hydration that can reach up to 72 hours. In addition to the soothing effect and immediate relief in the sensation of repudement, the daily use visibly improves the signs of fatigue, fatigue and stress, promoting healthy, luminous and full of vitality skin.

Another novelty is the innovative mechanism that acts on the cutaneous microbiota, helping to maintain its balance and strengthening the natural skin defenses. In addition to possessing powerful antioxidants, preventing oxidative damage caused by pollution and solar radiation - evils that reserge the skin and cause early aging.

Where to use?
Face, lap and neck.

When to use?
Daily: morning and night.

Type of skin?
Dried and dry.



Meet the multibecificices
Why can one benefit if you can have several? Simplify your routine and potentiate your well-being: Hydra Cream is multifunctional.

Lifting effect
Hydration for up to 72h
Antifacet effect
Anti-stress effect
Antioxidant action
Microbiota balance
Melon seed oil Kalahari:

moisturizes and conditions the skin profoundly, helping in the regeneration and repair of the skin barrier immediately. With powerful antioxidant action, this asset is exceptionally rich in vitamin and natural and contains up to 70% of essential fatty acids in its composition, contributing to the production of energy in cells.

Peptide Illuminator:

Reinforces the cell balance, improving the quality of the surface of the skin, returning the Viege and thus revealing a uniform glow. It also stimulates the hydration, helping to regulate the production of ceramides, hyaluronic acid and increases the expression of the filagrine, precursor of NMF (natural hydration factor) and providing soothing effect on the skin, reducing possible discomfenders such as ardence or redness .


It has affinity with the skin, being able to detect the levels of damage caused in the own lipoprotein barrier of each individual, acting so that the skin has a natural response to existing damage and return to each person's own balance. It provides greater firmness, hydration and contributes to cellular renewal.