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Natura HUMOR Iogurte / Off-line Yogurt Deodorant Body Moisturizer Scented - 125 Ml

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HUMOR OFF-LINE IOGURTE DESODORANTE HIDRATANTE CORPORAL PERFUMADO - 125 ML / Humor Off-Line Yogurt Deodorant Body Moisturizer Scented - 125 ml

There's time you just want to get good. Off-line humor helps you disconnect and calm the mind.

With Melt texture that melts to the touch and promotes a full hydration experience, the moisturizing yogurt has an innovative and relaxed fragrance that combines the contrast of the lavender with an unusual touch of mint, involved in the comfort of hot and musk woods. An invitation to wake up the senses and stay relax, proven by neuroscience *.

* Test carried out by Forebrain Neurotecnologia Ltda in 2020 with the fragrance humor offline.