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Natura MAMÃE E BEBÊ Relaxante / Relaxing Moisturizer - 200 Ml

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HIDRATANTE RELAXANTE - 200 ML / Relaxing Moisturizer - 200 ml

Caution that relaxes and calms, for a quieter sleep.

After the night bath, moisturize and massage the baby's skin can help calm and relax for a quieter night's sleep. The vegan formula has proven fragrance relaxing and contains only the essentials to moisturize the baby's sensitive skin. It has a combination of 100% vegetable oils and cupuaçu butter that forms a protective layer on the skin. It has quick absorption and can be used after bath and whenever necessary.


• Ingredients that help the baby relax and have a peaceful sleep;

• 100% secure formula, to be used since the first day of life;

• Tested and approved by pediatricians;

• Quick absorption with immediate hydration;

• Vegan product;

• Only with the essential for baby's sensitive skin;

• 99% of natural and biodegradable ingredients;

• Soft and safe perfumation;

• 100% green plastic bottle;

• Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested;

• No controversial ingredients.