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Brazilian Natural Hibiscus Oxidant Tea with Collagen 200g - Mosteiro Devakan

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Hibiscus tea is indicated for weight loss diet, gastrointestinal spasm, uterine colic, bad digestion, gastroenteritis, hypertension, constipation, activate urine excretion, skin infections, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

The Hibiscus is a semi-woody, biannual or perennial shrub, erect or branched depending on the conduction. It is cultivated commercially because of its medicinal properties, but also has its ornamental, textile and culinary uses.

Its leaves are used for tea; they are alternated, stipulated, serrated, in the form of a spear with three or five lobes, also sprung. They are purplish in color.

Collagen is a form of protein very present in the human organism, an essential component of tissues and the skeletal system. It is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, for the muscle tone, for the health of the cartilages and joints.

As time goes by, the human body reduces its production of collagen, which leaves the body more flaccid and unsupported.

Collagen is important in the constitution of the nails, so that they are not brittle, and the hair, so that they have vitality.

How to Use:
Add 1 tablespoon shallow (5g) in a glass of water with 200ml, ice or warm, and mix well until complete dissolution.

This package produces 40 servings.

After opened the pack consume in 30 days.
Keep in the shelter of light and moisture.

Citric acid acidifier, collagen, sucralose eductor, tricalcium phosphate, acid citrate sodium citrate.



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