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Henna powder brown golden surya brazil 12.4.p - Surya Brasil

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Description Henna Powder Surya Brasil
It is a semi-permanent coloring with 100% of natural ingredients and vegetables, extracted from plants and dried herbs from India, which color, restore, nurse and treat the wires in addition to covering the white wires.
It can also be used in hair with dyes and other chemical procedures such as: smoothing, relaxation, progressive brush, definitive brush, lights, among others.
There are 8 colors available + a treatment:
Wine, Acaju, Red, Brown, Gray Brown, Golden Brown, Bay Champagne, Swedish and colorless blond.

The colorless Henna
: It is a cosmetic reconstructor treatment 100% natural, vegetable and vegan, for all kinds of hair indicated after chemical processes. She does not color.
Easy to use just add the colorless henna in 140 ml of water, dissolve the product and apply in clean hair.

Does not contain:
Preservatives, ppd, mineral oil, ammonia, parabens, edta, eta, dea, tea, transgenic, gluten, silicones, heavy metals, resorcinol, sodium chloride, sodium perborate (oxidant), hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water) and fragrance Synthetic.

It is dermatologically tested. This product does not contain ingredients of animal origin and is not tested in animals.

Volume: 50g.

Heads up:
Henna is not Henê! Henê is smoothing with aggressive chemistry. Henna powder is a semi-permediate coloration with capillary cosmetic treatment properties.