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Lot/wholesale - Green Propolis Extract 30ml - PON LEE

by Pon Lee
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Propolis Extract (Alcoholic Solution) – PON LEE
• Pon Lee Export Quality
• Produced with 100% Green Propolis
• Extra-neutral Alcohol
• Maturity of approx 1 year.
• Concentration in the Maceration: 43 a 45%
• Hight concentration. Maximum concentration for natural maceration.
• Extracts of total Solids: 16-29%
• Rich in Flavonoids and Phenolic Substances
• High concentration of Artepillin-c
• Bottle with Dropper (30 ml/ 1FL.OZ. bottle)

Bee propolis is one of the most powerful antioxidants and immunity enhancers. It holds natural antibacterial, antibiotic and antiviral properties. Green propolis is a resinous substance, extracted from vegetal secretions of stalks, trunks, primitive foliar forms and sepals of flowers, and Metabolized by bees. The transformation of this resin in alcoholic solution results in a nutrient Complement that acts effectively in the simple pathologies caused by Bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Propolis is a substance produced by the bees from resins of some kinds of plants or secretions found on some kind of trees or vegetal fissures. Bees add to his resin wax, pollen and to this paste, they add salivary secretions and workout the propolis. The association of these noble products from the hive in the form of Extracts in Glycolic Solution is better absorbed by the organism, bringing an overall increase in vitality. Propolis is known since ancient times as the elixir for good cures, it’s a food complement with comprehensive action in bacteria, fungus, and virus caused pathologies, degenerative diseases, and a stimulant for scarring processes. It also increases the organism’s resistance.

Ingredients: Propolis and Neutral Alcohol. This extract presents a 45% concentration of pure resin.

Best use with: Infections and affections of the respiratory system (pharyngitis, laryngitis, Tonsillitis and allergic bronchitis). Affections of mouth and stomach (stomatitis, gingivitis and thrush). Dermatitis (chilblain, mycosis, warts and skin lesions).

All of Pon Lee products receive the Federal Inspection Service (SIF seal) from the Minister of Agriculture that inspects the scientific control of the beehive products, which means it is in accordance with the Brazilian food legislation act.