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Granado treatment Sulfur - Soap in Bar 90g Facial

by Granado
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Sulfur antiseptic action that fights acne, dermatitis and excessive oiliness. P>

With the damp skin, make a lather with soap and passes over the entire face. Let stand for five minutes and then rinse. P>

Face Soap for skin with acne. Soap Clean Treatment Sulfur while Granado combat excessive oiliness, dermatitis or acne. It also gives end the black dots that much bother, desinflama and heals pimples. With antiseptic action, Granado Soap Treatment Sulfur clean and revitalizing the skin, but without drying, providing softness and smoothness. The skin is clean and free of excessive oiliness, acne or dermatitis. Your skin is clean, free of excessive oiliness, acne and dermatitis. P>