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Granado Terrapeutics Sage and Comfrey - Shampoo 180ml

by Granado
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Sage and Comfrey: have moisturizing, emollient and healing to soften and smooth the wireless makes them heavy. P>

Pass the shampoo over the entire hair. I rinse and if necessary, repeat the action. P>

Shampoo for oily hair. gently cleans the threads controls excessive oiliness wires. Granado Terrapeutic Sage and Comfrey has astringent properties, antioxidants and emollients that aid in hydration, but without leaving the hair fiber or heavy oils intensa.Para you get rid of greasy appearance and recover the slight movement of the wires, and Salvia Granado Terrapeutic provides Comfrey silky and velvety touch. His hair is clean, hydrated and without glare. His hair is clean, soft and smooth. P>