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Granado Terrapeutics relaxants Chestnut of Brazil - Bath Salts 5x17g

by Granado
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Fill a tub with water and then pour the entire contents of the envelope. Then enter in the bathtub. P>

Your bath is more luxurious and refreshed. P>

scented bath salts. It provides lovely floral aroma for an energetic and relaxing bath. Granado Terrapeutics Bath Salts Relaxing active Brazil nut blood circulation to your skin is soft to touch, silky and velvety. Granado Terrapeutics Bath Salts Relaxing Brazil nut leaves the time of serene and invigorating shower, turning the accumulated stress in times of peace and tranquility. Also, it does not dry and keeps the skin revitalized, soft and silky. Top: Olfactory Notes: Fruity and Gourmand. P>