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Granado Terrapeutics Lavender - Shampoo 180ml

by Granado
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Lavender and Moringa extract: removes sebum from the scalp while preserving the softness and hydration of the length and ends of the D-Panthenol wires: retains moisture for longer hair fiber and prevents the opacity and the coarseness of yarns p>

Apply the shampoo on wet hair and massage the scalp gently with your fingertips. Follow for length and wire ends. Rinse and if necessary, repeat the process. P>

Shampoo for mixed hair. Granado Terrapeutics Lavender eliminates the scalp oils without causing dryness of the wires while nourishes and replenishes lost moisture. The formula ingredients without animal Granado Terrapeutics Lavender prevents hair dryness with ingredients that retain the natural water inside the longer wires, and to recover the vitality of the resected ends. The gentle and relaxing scent of lavender Granado Terrapeutics turns bath time into a relaxing ritual while leaving the well-kept hair, soft and controlled oiliness. Hair to look well maintained, with subsidiary oils, soft and fragrant. P>