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Granado Terrapeutics White Tea - Liquid Soap 300ml

by Granado
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Natural White Tea Extract: is an ancient drink of Chinese origin that is extracted from parts of the noblest of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It has invigorating action that gives freshness and energy to play the pele.Glicerina: with moisturizing action, it retains moisture and skin hydration. This ensures a delightful soft touch! P>

Pass the liquid soap directly on wet skin and massage until foaming. Rinse. P>

liquid glycerin soap. With plant-based, natural extracts and intense fragrance, Terrapeutics Granado Glycerin Soap White Tea cleanses and moisturizes the skin smoothly. Free of parabens and dyes, it also leaves you refreshed and fragrant for a long time after his uso.Por contain glycerin, Granado Terrapeutics White Tea Glycerin Soap helps maintain the natural moisture of the skin stable. This soap refers to the therapeutic properties of past centuries, providing a delicious sensory stimulus. Your skin is left clean, smelling and hydrated for longer and you achieve an amazing wellness sensation in the shower. While your skin is clean, moisturized and perfumed, you feel the body revigorizado and a delicious feeling of well-being. P>