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Granado Terrapeutics White Tea - Soap in Bar 90g

by Granado
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Natural White Tea Extract: is an ancient drink of Chinese origin extracted from parts of the noblest of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It has invigorating action that gives freshness and energy to play the pele.Glicerina: with moisturizing action, keeps moisture and skin hydration. This ensures a durable soft touch. P>

With the skin moist, pass the soap with your hands or the help of a sponge. Spread until a creamy foam and then rinse thoroughly. P>

glycerin soap bar. Vegetable based, Granado Soap Bar in White Tea clean and helps to maintain the natural moisture of pele.Granado Soap in White Tea Bar brings the therapeutic essence of centuries ago to reinvigorate and perfume the skin through a revitalizing sensory stimulus. Free of parabens and dyes, leaves your skin soft and refreshed after bathing. Your skin clean, hydrated and refreshed, with a delicate fragrance. P>