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Granado Terrapeutics Chestnut of Brazil - Moisturizing Body Cream 300ml

by Granado
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With clean skin, apply the cream on the body evenly, massaging gently. P>

Your skin is hydrated, soft and velvety touch. P>

Cream body moisturizer for all skin types. Moisturizes, softens keeps the body with velvety touch. Based on 100% vegetable Granado Terrapeutics moisturizing Brazil nut returns the natural moisture of the skin, providing soft and delicate texture. In addition to soothe the body, antioxidants and moisturizing properties help restore vitality. The delicate floral fragrance complements the care Granado Terrapeutics Moisturizing Chestnut of Brazil. Your skin is hydrated, soft and velvety touch. Top: Olfactory Notes: Flower and Gourmand. P>