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Kit Granado Terrapeutics Hair Brazil nut Hydrate (2 Products)

by Granado
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Brazil Nut Natural Extract: source of antioxidants that protect the hair thinning and retain moisture on day p>

Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage until foaming. Rinse and repeat step. Distribute conditioner in length and wire ends after washing. Back off and let paused for a few minutes. Rinse completely. P>

kit with shampoo and conditioner for hair dried in travel size. Granado Terrapeutics Hair Brazil nut Hydrate Kit leaves the hair soft and shiny with its moisturizing formula that protects the threads of diárias.Granado aggression Terrapeutics Hair Brazil nut Hydrate Kit contains the extract of the typical walnut Amazon region, known for its power moisturizing and antioxidant. In addition to replenish moisture of the yarn, its formula paraben protects from damage which leave the hair dull and lifeless. Feel your softer wires with extra luster and protection with Granado Terrapeutics Hair Brazil nut Hydrate Kit Contains Granado Terrapeutics Chestnut of Brazil - Shampoo 50ml:. Regains softness and brightness of the wires to the rescue of hydration lost Granado Terrapeutics Brazil nuts - 50ml conditioner: untangles and makes hair combing, which is more hydrated, soft and bright hair with hydration days, more soft and shiny. P>