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Granado Terrapeutics Calendula aerator - Body Scrub 200g

by Granado
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Apply to wet body and massage the area in a circular motion. Then rinse. P>

Your body is free of dead cells and impurities, as well as being soft and hydrated. P>

body scrub for all skin types. With natural sugar based, Granado Terrapeutics Body Scrub Calêndura regenerator completely removes impurities and dead cells, but without drying the skin. The high power of hydration along with the soothing action promotes softness and velvety feel to the skin. With a charming and delicate fragrance, the bath is even more relaxing. There is nothing more rewarding to feel the silky body, so Granado Terrapeutics Regenerating Body Scrub Calêndura removes dead cells and impurities, leaving your skin soft for a long time. Notes Aldeícas, Orange Sweet, melon and iris. P>