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Granado Terrapeutics Marigold Glycerin - Soap in Bar 90g

by Granado
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With the skin moist, pass the soap with your hands or the help of a sponge. Spread until a creamy foam and then rinse thoroughly. P>

clean and smooth skin without drying. P>

bar soap for all skin types. gently cleans the body providing hydration, softness and velvety feel. Calendula Terrapeutics Granado Glycerin Soap is a natural moisturizer, based on 100% vegetable, which has calming and purifying properties. For more relaxing hour of your day, Granado Terrapeutics Marigold Glycerin Soap promotes feeling of freshness. That's because it lets cleans and moisturizes skin with a gentle oriental floral perfume. Filmography p>