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Granado Pink Sachet Scheldt-feet - Relaxing Salt 5x15g

by Granado
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Put all the sachet contents into a bowl with enough warm water to cover your feet. Then dip them and leave for about 15 minutes or until cool water. Do foot baths one to two times a week. P>

Your feet are relaxed, free from accumulated fatigue during the long and exhausting days. P>

and relaxing Salts for cleaning feet. After a long and tiring day, Granado Pink Sachet Scheldt-feet helps you to relax and rest. With plant ingredients, helps activate local blood circulation, providing a sense of lightness and comfort. Granado Pink Sachet Scheldt-Feet has a mild fragrance of flowers and fruit, and is the perfect touch to round off the day. Filmography p>