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Granado Pink strengthener Ingrid - Creamy Nail Polish 10ml

by Granado
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Vitamin E nourishes and helps strengthen nails. Calcium and Silk Protein: strengthens nails, avoiding breaking or peeling. P>

With dry and clean nails, apply two enamel layer. If you prefer, use an extra shine base for a brighter effect and greater protection of the product. P>

Enamel nude creamy finish. Colors nails evenly while Granado Pink enamel strengthener Ingrid helps nourish and strengthen, making them more resistant to breakage. With a delicate and feminine color, protects and prevents peeling of the nails. Its formula does not contain toluene, paraben, formaldehyde, DBP and Camphor not to cause allergy or dryness. With high coverage and pigmentation, Granado Pink enamel strengthener Ingrid gives color, extra shine and dries quickly. Filmography p>