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Granado Pink 2 in 1 Extra Brightness - Colorless Base Nail 10ml

by Granado
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Apply a layer of foundation on nails dry and clean to then pass the enamel. After the glaze has dried, apply a layer of base to finish. P>

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Clear Base. High coverage and intense brightness, extended durability of color and enhances the brightness. Granado Pink Base 2 in 1 With Extra Gloss protects from dryness or peeling. You get the colorful and radiant nails for much longer! Granado Pink Base 2 in 1 With Extra Brightness can also be used before glazing to brighten. Its formula does not contain toluene, paraben, formaldehyde, DBP and Camphor not to cause allergy or dryness. The nails are bright, protected and enhanced durability. Filmography p>