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Granado Granaderma Oil-Control Sulfur - Liquid Soap for Acne 250ml

by Granado
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Sulfur regulating sebum secretion, controlling excessive oiliness. Triclosan: is a bactericidal asset that does not unbalance the natural protective covering of the skin. P>

Apply on damp skin, massaging until frothy. Then rinse. Use daily, both morning and evening. P>

Liquid soap for oily skin. Granado Granaderm Oil Soap Control Sulfur-antiacne cleanses the skin while assists in controlling acne. Regulates sebum, reducing sebum. Vegetable base gives freshness and aseptic. Its non-greasy formula and dye-free, reduces the risk of allergic reactions nature. Granado Granaderm Control Sulfur Oil-soap anti-acne skin leaves a clean, fresh and controlled with excess sebum. Your skin clean, fresh and with controlled excessive oiliness. P>