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Granado Granaderma lactate Ammonium - Moisturizing Body Cream 180g

by Granado
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Urea, Grape Seed Oil and lactate Ammonium: guarantee a high moisturizing power. P>

Apply the moisturizer on the body, massaging in a circular motion. Use twice dia.OBS: This product should not be used during pregnancy. P>

Moisturizing body for dry skin, including extremely parched. Granado Granaderma Hydra-Intense Body Moisturizer ammonium lactate has high moisturizing power. Its formula creates a barrier on the body that prevents water loss and thus maintains the hydrated areas. Granado Granaderma Hydra-Intense Moisturizing Body ammonium lactate is the same skin pH. It ensures softness to even the roughest parts such as elbows, knees and heels, freeing you from whitish and ugly appearance. The delicate fragrance leaves your body with a comfortable feel. NOTE: This product should not be used during pregnancy. Your body is hydrated with soft and healthy skin, free of off-white and ugly aspect caused by dryness. P>